Mattress Toppers – Why You Might Want One

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A mattress topper is an extra layer of padding that can be added to the best of an existing mattress to make it more luxuriant, softer in feel, and to protect the mattress beneath.

Mattress toppers appear in many forms and they are filled with many different materials, all offering different sleeping characteristics. They either stretch, or use elasticized corner straps to tie around the existing mattress.

The most common fillers for mattress toppers are visco elastic memory foam, duck feathers and down, pure wool, natural latex and synthetic foams. Each of these fillers provides slightly different compressive properties and therefore they will suit different sleepers.

Most mattress toppers (the exception being memory foam) will have a quilted format and their appearance is similar to that of a conventional quilt. The big difference is that you sleep on top of them rather than under them. Furthermore, their function is to provide padding rather than warmth, so they tend to have a “springier” feel than quilts.

Why have a mattress topper?

Firstly, many mattresses can be firm and some even feel hard. A mattress topper adds an additional layer of cushioning that gives a bed a softer and more relaxing feel.

Amerisleep’s series of products are ideal for anyone who wakes up experience stiff, or as if they slept on too firm a surface. The additional padding of a topper can make a big difference to any firm mattress and it can help in providing restful sleep.

Secondly, a mattress topper can allow a conventional spring based bed to benefit from one of the newer bedding technologies like visco elastic memory foam. Supplies like memory foam, Latex and gel provide a highly mold-able leading sleeping layer with the ability to contour itself to the unique curves of any individual’s body. Many inside the medical profession now recommend mattresses and toppers produced from these components.

Thirdly, most modern “composite style” beds mix a standard spring based mattress having a best layer of another material like memory foam to gain the best of both worlds. A memory foam or Latex foam mattress topper has the same effect, but without the need to buy a brand new mattress.

Finally, mattress toppers add a warm and luxuriant feel to a standard mattress and allow anyone to customize their sleeping environment by adding this extra layer of cushioning. With topper fillers available in numerous foams, wool, feathers and even gel, there is something to suit each and every sleeper. Furthermore, good high quality toppers can also extend the life of an existing mattress and protect it from stains and spills.

Which topper is correct for me?

Everyone has different sleeping styles and different mattress preferences, so the best way to find out which type of topper is best suited to any individual is to do a little bit of research around the topper filler components and their cushioning properties.